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The Health Care Database is an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system that allows medical professionals to securely store and access patient's infomation and accounting information, its a database which stores digital records that can be updated with each new encounter.

This database also allows patients to access their own records online so as to keep track of their medical history and also monitor their own health status.

The records stored in the database include family history, reason for initial complaint, diagnosis and treatment, prescription medications, lab tests, and other vital details needed to provide assistance to each patient. has been designed to enable a physician to diagnose the immediate concern without all the "work up" and time consuming testing. This will eliminate, in many cases, costs you may have to incur.

The Database has grown in popularity because it is more convenient to use than antiquated, paper-based records. By going digital, you are immediately putting your data in a much better position to be analyzed, cross-referenced and hence used to streamline efficiency and create the kind of transformative insights that only data-sharing can create.

For the first time in your medical history, you will now own your medical records and have them available to you at anytime and anyplace. We encourage you to continually update your records in order to chronicalize all doctor visits, hopefully beginning at birth.

You may do this yourself by going to the internet and typing, type in your credetials and your file is in front of you. feel free to add all possible information to your medical history. you may also have the doctor do this for you if he is a member of the Health Care Database. Also remember, your health care card is the key to your health, always carry it with you as it may help to save your life someday!

Failure to implement our software means you run the risk of falling further behind other practices that are motivated to help their staff work more efficiently and see more patients, more quickly. "In this millennium, it is now time for all people to start managing or participating in their own health issues and not just leave it up to others."

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