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Data stored within the Health Care Database is owned by two parties, ie the Medical facility that entered the data and also the patient whose data is all attached to his or her respective account.

Any of those two parties (for whatever reason) can request to have all their data exported and handed to them in Excel (CSV) formart for further processing or in tabular (html) format suitable for printing.

Therefore, the Health Care Database is simply a data store or a digital warehouse used to collect, collate, store, and disseminate vital patient data, its also acts as a data processing application which helps the two parties in retreaving and interpereting their row data, further more, the database helps the two partis to access thier data from anywhere when needed.

Its a fact that patients (before they fall sick) can create their own accounts online or they consent to the creation of an account when they visit a medical facility, at that point, the initial bio data in the patient's account belongs to the patient.

However, medical facilities also enter prescriptions/diagnosis and accounting data against each patient at each visit, they also enter human resource data regarding the employees and medical personal who are handling the patients, at that point, such data also belongs to the medical facility which is generating it.

Its clear therfore, that the two parties jointly generate and thus own the data for which they can request a copy in the specified format. An important point to note though is that; several medical facilities can contriute data to the same patient's account as he or she roams around the numerous doctors and medical facilities, in that case the medical facility only owns a specific potion of the data that they contributed.

But, such a portion of data will not make much sense unless its attached or related to the patient's original bio details, thats why a request for a specific portion of data would also include the patients bio details which were not nessesarily entered by the requesting medical facility.

If you do not have a secure way to store or safe guard your own data then we advise that you do not make a request to extract it since its already safer where it is.