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The e-health section of the Health Care Database is generaly restricted to medical personal only (based on their user rights), all items under this menu will help administrators of medical facilities and medical staff to manage and control (or monitor) the entire medical practice and all its branches.  

If you are a medical practitioner then your personal account needs to be pre-attached to a medical facility where you work so as to access any of the links/items and data under the e-health menu. 

If you have no account yet then you need to create an account right now, after which you can ask the Health Care Database adminsitrator of the hospital/clinic where you work to add you as a staff member.

However if your hospital does not have an account in the Health Care Database yet, then you can register to create an account for the hospital right now.

The related pages below will give you more information rearding the key modules of the Health Care Database.

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