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You will quickly notice that the Health Care Database is mainly designed to target three key entities, and thus we prefer to define it as "an online network of: Patients, Doctors and Medical facilities".

All the three key entities are involved
The Patients create their own free accounts online, then the Doctors (in different locatons) continuously update those online accounts with the latest treatment information at every visit. Mean while, the Medical facilities use the daily treatment statistics (plus accounting data) generated by the patients and the doctors (+ other medical personal) to streamline their internal operations in order to offer better health services.

Unifying of medical records
The key goal of the Health Care Database is to unify all medical records of participating medical facilities country wide in order to "accelerate the seamless exchange of health information", The unification of records ensures that there are common nationally recognized standard to facilitate secure/confidential sharing and access to medical information for both the patients and medical personal across hospitals or clinics plus all their branches, this is refered to as interoperability. Further more, unifying of records significantly helps in offering efficient health care delivery while at the same time it helps in aggregating local content for medical research.

Homogenous treatment
Each and every patient in the Health Care Database has one integrated medical file across all participating medical facilities and their branches country wide, such an arrangement helps the doctor to know the treatment protocol a patient followed in the event of a hospital transfer (or if the patient has traveled to a new location) and thus ensure homogenous treatment.

Having all patients within a centralised Health Care Database means that, a patient being moved from hospital-A will be assured of getting the same treatment (and possibly medication) in hospital-B as the database system will enable a proper cordination for this to happen, not only does this guarantee accuracy in treatment protocols but also strengthens the referal chain and facilitates health insurance coverage.

Online registration
If you have access to the internet, you can register yourself or your medical facility into the database and also create your own profile right away. Alternatively; when you visit a participating medical facility, you will be asked to provide the respective profile details so that they can be entered into the database on your behalf.

After registration you get a unique Health Care Number and a Health Care Card that you can download and print on your own. (NB: The Health Care Card and Health Care Number will be very useful in reaching out to your next of kin or to your doctor in case if an emergency.). When you are transferred to any other hospital, the unique health care number will help doctors there to recall your file without any delay, thus saving valuable time in case of an emergency.

Using the registration details, your electronic medical file (account) with a unique number is generated, every single medical record regarding you as the patient will (from that point on) be attached to the file electronically, this includes a history of medical conditions, lab reports, diagnosis, treatment protocols, dental records and any other medical history. Your medical file can be retrieved by authorised medical personal using your Health Care Number or your  NIN, alternatively your telephone number or your name can be used to search for your records depending on what is available to the doctor or what has been authorised by your next of kin. 

Whats is the future like?
In near future, if you are admitted to a participating hospital, the feedback from monitors such as ventilators, dialysis machine, cardiac monitor etc will be automatically updated within the database in real time, such that the nurses at the station can see your latest report at a glance without having to visit your bedside.

Data storage

The Health Care Database does not only store patient records, its also stores a multitude of other h ....
Data security

Lets begin with the basics. (... and then progress to the complexities) The Health Care Database is ....
Data integrity

Data quality and completeness are critical to the success of any health information system, we there ....
Data Accessibility

If you get a medical problem right now, the only local online database through which an emergency re ....
Data ownership

Data stored within the Health Care Database is owned by two parties, ie the Medical facility that en ....
Data aggregation

Under construction: "Data aggregation"

"... your health records should be stored on servers, not shelves."

"... and finaly! a health care system that is interoperable and integrated with accounting"

"... accelerate the seamless exchange of health information"

"... real time patient analytics"

"... you won’t have to worry about paper records being misfiled, lost or even stolen"

"... efficiency while maintaining pateint safety".

"Your data securty comes first in every thing we do"

We are inter-connecting all: patients, doctors and medical facilities in order to improve health care

... we are determined to slove the problem of interoperability.
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