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Some hospitals and clinics have Electronic Medical Record systems, but that doesn't mean every hospital (or branchs of the same hospital) can exchange patient medical records with every other branch or healthcare provider.

The absence of information exchange between branches of hospitals and clinics also means that a new (duplicate) record of personal information is entered when a patient visits a branch or a franchise of the same hospital, that duplication is exactly what the Heath Care Database is designed to eliminate.

If you plan to have more then one branch for your hospital or clinic then the Health Care Database is the best option for you to manage and monitor all the branches and medical personel plus finances and operations in one place online. 

The superadmin accounts

Owners of medical organizations that wish to participate in the Health Care Database network will first need to aquire personal accounts before they can register all their medical facilities and all their respective branches.

The superadmin account is used to controls access to the online administration of your whole organization's account and related top level privilages, this superadmin account also ensures that only legitimate representatives of an organization may act on its behalf since such accounts are the only ones allowed to do highlevel configurations and setting.​

To register a medical facility, you should complete the online regi​stration form by giving some basic details about the entire practice, The registration form asks for details of the Authorised Person and the Main Administrator for the entire account.


One of the key reasons to start using the Health Care Database in your hospital (and all its branches) is to "ensure that you have a system which is interoperable", meaning that the same system can be operated at different hospitals/clinics and their branches simultaneously, which eliminates duplication of patients data and thus decreases the waiting times at hospitals and clinics.

NB: A patients complete medical records, including recent test results, will be accessible electronically at every doctor's office and hospital country wide, eliminating the need to complete a set of forms every time the same patient walks into a new practice or a branch of the same practice.

Medical history

The Health Care Database makes patient's medical history available directly to your doctors from any branch or any other medical facility whenever such information is needed, this helps to improve patient treatment, safety, quality of care and to streamline internal healthcare proccesses accross all branches and affiliates like external laboratories or radiology centers.

Membership cards

If your hospital or clinic is interested in offering membership cards then the health care database will enable you to automatically generate and print your own custom plastic cards with your logo and QR codes for all your employees and patients. The card which is scanned on every visit will ensure quick access to patients/staff information and speed up waiting times at the medical facility.

Platform for local and overseas patients

Further more, the Health Care Database is the fastest growing online portal for patients. It therefore provides a platform for local and overseas patients to find the best hospitals for their treatment, so if you offer specialised treatment then the health care database  is the ideal Electronic Medical System for your hospital.

Information dissemination

A hospital can publish their CME’s, patient’s education programs, free checkups and other health and educational events directly on the Health Care Database website, the same information can also be displayed with in the respective patient accounts or it can be sent by email/sms to those who most need it.

Standardizing medical records and info

We are moving quickly to a world in health care where practitioners should have consistent information regardless of where the patient goes, In order for us to get there, we have to standardize the information so we can easily share and send that information to other practitioners as soon as they need it. To date, the Health Care Database has created a uniform format of online records that will standardize information as it is shared from one medical facility to the next.

Cut out all the unnecessary costs

Another reason to use the Health Care Database in your hospital right away is that it cuts out all the costs plus time and effort needed to set up your own (offline) system, you will need real money if you are to acquire and later maintain a good health records system from within your own hospital, this is because money has to be injected into infrastructure development and acquisition of modern equipment plus backup systems that would facilitate and sustain the system accross all branches, and yet the Health Care Database offers the same product/service at a fraction of the cost.

Start immedietly (no setup fees, no installation fees)

The Health Care Database is already (up and running) online, so there is no need to set-up or to install anything in your hospital or clinic, all you need to do is to create an account for your hospital and then start using the system to handle patients accross all your branches immedietly at a very small cost, all the infrastracture needed for the database to function is already in place, so; the difficulties and costs of setting up your own system or securing it from harzards like theft and fire have already been solved for you.

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Individual membership

You and your whole family should register with the Health Care Database so that everyone gets a Heal ....
Medical personnel

The bigest advantage of using the Health Care Database (as a medical practicioner) is that you can e ....

Insurance companies

Under construction: "Insurance companies"

"... your health records should be stored on servers, not shelves."

"... and finaly! a health care system that is interoperable and integrated with accounting"

"... accelerate the seamless exchange of health information"

"... real time patient analytics"

"... you won’t have to worry about paper records being misfiled, lost or even stolen"

"... efficiency while maintaining pateint safety".

"Your data securty comes first in every thing we do"

We are inter-connecting all: patients, doctors and medical facilities in order to improve health care

... we are determined to slove the problem of interoperability.
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